Why Blogs are an Excellent Marketing Tool 

Blogs can be an excellent tool, and help you increase your traffic with little effort. The reason is because search engines LOVE blogs, and you will get indexed fairly quickly.

In order to have a successful blog, you first really need to research your particular niche, so your blog can have a high volume of quality content for your reader. If you have read anything regarding websites or blogging, I am sure you have some across the saying "Content is KING" This is true. Quality content = return visitors = increased traffic.

Popular blog advice sites, such as build a better blog, and blog squad, will guide you to follow the CODA system.

C - Content is King - make sure your content is unique, valuable to the reader, and relevant to the particular niche you are in. People are not going to spent time, or return to a site of no value, or quality content. This is #1

O - Outreach. Reach out to the blogging community, which means, actually reading other blogs, and commenting on ones you find of value, or if you have something to add of value to the article. If you want others to participate on your blog, you must give back, and look at what others are doing. This is an excellent way to also learn more and new information on your niche, and get ideas, and hints of what can make you more successful

D - Design. Make sure you have a nice, professional looking design to your page, so your readers will know that you are professional, and someone to do business with.

A - Action. Have some sort of call to action on your site. Make users interact, or have some sort of an action.

Following this rules, will encourage your readers, and they will get to know, like and trust your posts. Interact, and remember to give back.

Another GREAT tip I have learned with blogs, is that you should always title your blog with a keyword you are targeting, and then have the title to the article. For example, if you did a blog on say trees. All your article titles would start with TREES, and then subtitle

eg) Trees : Trees that bear fruit

This way, the google bot will recognize the common keyword, and index your site accordingly.

You can create a lot of organic traffic through article writing, and make sure to have a link to your sites from your blog, to increase your traffic across the board.

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