Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is brainstorm, decide what you want your web site to be about. Write down ideas, and really think about it before you start so you have some content to add. Don't just put a few things down, and have a bunch of ads. You will not be acceted into the search engines. Make sure you have good content that a reader will want to see.
Having a hard time coming up with a topic, look around you.  Every waking hour, you are given ideas and you don't even relise it.  You wake up in the morning, boom, alarm clock. Wait, you’re sleeping on pillows? What about the sheets? Bedroom furniture? Going to the bathroom… Hey, what toothpaste is that? Is it whitening? Toothbrush is electric? How about shaving stuff? Deodorant? Slippers? Shampoo?

Don’t have enough ideas yet? Well, are you walking on carpet? Wood? What kind? Is your room painted? Wallpaper? Having breakfast? What are you cooking with, eating off, the kitchen is a goldmine! Dishes, appliances, coffee makers, tons of great stuff.

Do you watch tv? How about a stereo? Tons of ideas there. Leaving the house? Look around, grass you say! Lawn care, how about landscaping? How about the tools required for doing yard work or landscaping? How about painting and stone work and brick work. Getting into your car? Air fresheners, first aid kits, mud mats, road assistance, car insurance, leather upholstery care, and the list goes on and on.

 You need stuff, everybody needs stuff. We all have common needs and desires that need to be fulfilled. There is an endless supply of topics right under your nose.

OK, now time to pay attention. Buy yourself a tiny spiral notebook, or something to jot down your ideas. Take it with you everywhere. For the next week, jot down everything you do, all the things you buy, use, interact with. Do you work? Take notes on your co-worker’s conversations. Are they making purchases? What kind? How do they do their research? Do you have kids? Great! What do you buy for them? What are they interested in? What are their friends interested in?

Do you have any hobbies? I hope you are taking notes! How about your friends? What are their hobbies? Do they use sports equipment? What kind?

Once you have the list of potential topics, you have to start the analysis to weed out the losers and find the winners. Some topics will pay more then others.  I will get back to how to research those later.

Once you have your idea, its time to start bulding you site. There are many free sites you can use, and most all of them have great help centers and guides to helping you get your page set up as easy as possible.

You can use information you find online, but make sure your content is unique and origional. If you try and submit a copy site you will get denied. You want to be careful when deciding your topic or niche as the cyber world calls it, as the advertisments for certain topics pay more then others.

Experiment with different templates, colors, fonts, everything. Don't be intimidated, its not as hard as it seems, and use the help centers, they will tell you everything you need to know about designing your page. Remember, have fun with it, and make it unique.

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