Driving Traffic to your site

Once you are all registered and set up, its time to drive traffic to your site. Now, there are several things that go with this. One important thing to note, you can pay for services to help you with this, but you don't have too. You can DIY 100% free, and I have provided some excellent links to free submission sites to help.

First and foremost submit to google, yahoo and bing. See my links.

Submitting your URLs and RSS Feeds

You need to submit your site EVERYWHERE. Where you ask, well, it just so happens that I have found a site with the MOTHER list. This guy will submit for you at a cost, but all the sites are listed so you can manually do it yourself. There is over 900 of them, so it will be time consuming. I am starting with doing 20 a day, and working from there until I get through the list. You will find it under my links.

I have also included another great site with lists of places to submit your RSS feed, and RSS stands for really simple submission. It is labeled the RSS LINK LIST. There is also a huge list on that site specifically for submitting blogs.

When you are submitting your sites, be sure to submit them to the most relevant topic that your web page is about, don't just submit it to the top. Reason being that for one thing, you want people who are actually interested in your topic to find your site, and two, it just wastes yours and everyone else's time if its submitted in the wrong category. It will likely get on the search engines faster if you take the time to add it to the right category.

Be patient. It takes time for everything to get added and indexed. Don't expect to have 1000 unique visitors to your site right away. Also, you don't want your site to end up in the sandbox, which I will get into in another post. Just submit to 10-20 places a day, being sure to change your title and description wording slightly so you don't look like a spammer. It will take time to build your backlinks, and its better if you allow this to be a natural process rather then buying links, or traffic as this will risk you to get booted. Remember, this is HONEST online income. Do things the right honest way, and you will succeed.

Pinging your site, which basically lets those search engines know you have new content on your site, and sends a signal for the sites to crawl your site and find the new content. I have included a great pinging site, that once you enter your URL, you just visit and it will ping all 30 something sites for you.

Social Networking

Submitting your site its not enough. Plus, it takes time for all those places to get your information on their search engines. The best most effective way of getting it out there fast is joining forums, groups, sites, of people who are interested in the topic of your website. If you have put effort into you work, you should get a lot of visitors. Also, you will learn more, the more you get out there. Don't just join sites and post your link, if you want good traffic, you will have to take the time to participate in the forums, and not be a spammer.

I have found a few very helpful webmaster forums. Please remember, if you join these forums, a lot of these people have put a ton of time and effort into their sites, education about the program, and will not help someone who is just looking for a free hand out of their valuable secrets in this industry. Participate in the forums, give feedback to others. READ AND LEARN! My favorite so far is DIGITAL POINT and BLOG ENGAGE I am a member of others, but haven't spent enough time on them yet to see how good they are. As I learn more about which forums are most helpful, I will add.

 Search Engine Optimization

 Please see my link Tools for referece. I have some very informative SEO links.

Use the tools provided to check your site. Many of the will show errors on your page that search engines will have trouble with, if your keywords are visible, or if you could add more. The first time I ran a tool I found out my keywords were not visible, so I fixed it, ran the test again, and found I could add way more keywords then I had. These tools help you fine tune your website so the search engines have an easier time finding and indexing your site. ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED CAN BE FOUND AND USED FREE There are sites out there that will charge a fee, but be aware, that all the tools you need are out there for free.

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