All About Keywords


Keywords are basically words in your page and in your meta tag that will direct the search engines to find your site. Example, if I type DOG into my search, the first site that comes up is going to be the one that has dog in the meta tag, and the word dog found various times throughout the article. Search engines are not people, so the use of proper key words in your tags and content is very important in search engine optimization for your site, allowing those searching for your perticular topic to be guided to your site. Make sure you choose keywords RELEVANT to your topic. You want the traffic coming to your site to be those who are interested in your particular topic. Appropriate keywords are like a telephone number for your page, and when someone types in your "number" or keyword, your page shows up.

How to determine what keywords to use

Think about your content, and think of yourself as the person who will be searching, what would you type into a search? Use a keyword tool, like the one I supplied in the tool box(an excellent one) and type in your key word phrase.  It will generate a big list of keywords relevent to the one you typed, and tell you how many searches there are on each keyword phrase per month. Now, when selecting your keywords from this list, you may be tempted to use the keywords with the most searches.  This would be a mistake for a new site.  Try and use the key words with a lower search rate, say under 10K searches for that month.  You are more likely to appear near the top of the search results for that keyword this way.  As your site grows, experiment with some of the bigger keywords.

How do I add a meta tag for keywords

You will need to find on your page where you can edit your HTML. Some site have it setup for you to just type them into a box, and they add them, others you have to add yourself. Here is the HTML instructions if you are using blogger.

Adding meta tags is very simple. Just follow the steps given at the following website.


There are various free tools you can use to check your sites stats, keywords, ranking ect. In my links, the one 20 free analysis tools has some GREAT tools to help you optimize your site.

As I learn more, I will be adding more, and also, I am going to take all the really excellent tools I have found, and lists ect and put them all on one site, so you will only have to go there and everything you need will be there, its a work in progress
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